St. Andrews school

Please be aware reception and yr 1 class is now full.

If you wish for your son or daughter to be added onto a waiting list please enrol but do not send payment. If there are any cancellations we will let you know. 

Thank you 


4 thoughts on “St. Andrews school

  1. Hi Kelly,
    I enrolled Monty Maynard (Pavilion St Andrew’s) through this website, but had to pay via parent pay, which I haven’t set up for him and have now left the details in Somerset (where we went on holiday!!-eek!!) I was wondering if you had included him on the list and he has a place, but you are waiting for payment or if I’ve missed the boat!!
    If I have missed it, please can you put him on the waiting list, or if you’re waiting for payment please let me know and I will pay by cheque or parentpay (when I retrieve the details) or by BACS if you let me know your bank details, (or however you’d like the payment!)
    Hope you are ok and getting used to life with two little ones!
    Best wishes

    • Hi Coralie, yes you signed Monty up so no problem. In the sign up form there was a box you had to tick. Next to the box was a link if you open it you’ll see all bank can look without signing up again:) hope you are well too. Kelly

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