Take Part.  This Saturday at The Level (18th June)

City Dance are due to perform at 2.25pm.  Please ensure you arrive at The Level by 1.30pm.  You may want to bring a packed lunch and come straight from dancing as the traffic into Brighton might be bad being a Saturday. As long as you’re on time, that’s up to you 😉 Once you’re there come and find Kelly or I near the stage area. Be aware parents that this event is extremely busy and we will not be supervising the children, other than when they’re on stage!

Please ensure the dancers are wearing black leggings (or City Dance leggings/joggers) and black tops (or City Dance vests/t.shirts).  Hair should be off the face and neat.

Regarding class, Juniors are welcome to stay for the Seniors class as long as they have food/drink and are happy to sit and watch.  The Seniors class is 10.45-12 and we will be finishing promptly as I need to drive back home to collect my boys.

Lastly, I hope you’re all very excited to perform!!! You’re going to be fab 😄

Gemma X

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